A wise man said “People need language,emotions & gestures to communicate with each other as same we need ‘C’ to communicate with our computer”.

Computer makes the task easy by providing efficiency, presentation to our work structure. This blog will teach you to communicate with your computer by making you learn ‘C’. This blog is completely devoted to those who want to learn C in an easy manner. This blog has no profit making intentions from what you learn from here.

Some points which highlights this blog to be an amazing learning experience for you:

  • Your queries are welcomed here .
  • Be a group pro by making discussion topic for others.
  • Share your work, as you will learn something from us and we will learn something from you.
  • Make yourself capable to be certified for C from other institutes.
  • No need to hide yourself from idiotic or simple questions because that will make a contribution to a new idea.

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